Application to Add or Remove a Course(s)/Skill Set from a Schedule of Courses

Application Guidelines

1. Introduction

A WorkReady Service Provider with an active Accredited Training Services Agreement (ATSA) or an RTO with an active Skills for All contract (Applicant) may apply to add or remove Courses/Skill Sets from its Schedule of Courses by submitting an Application Form to the Minister through the Department of State Development (DSD).

2. Format of Application

The Applicant must prepare and submit its Application using the on-line Service Provider Application Form.

3. Contact Details

All communications with the Minister regarding the application must be in writing and sent to the following e-mail address:

4. General

Applicants agree that:

  1. Submitting an Application Form to add or remove a Course or Skill Set in accordance with this process does not give rise to that Course or Skill Set being added to the Applicant’s Schedule of Courses.
  2. an Application Form must:
    1. be submitted using the on-line Application Form provided by the Minister;
    2. be in English;
    3. include the appropriate information in every field of the Application Form;
    4. attach all documentation required; and
    5. attach the declaration made by a person duly authorised by the Applicant,
  3. Applicants may only apply to deliver:
    1. Courses listed in Subsidised Training List and which are also listed in the Applicant’s scope of registration on the national register;
    2. Skill Sets listed in the Subsidised Training List and where all units of competency which comprise the Skill Set:
      1. are explicitly listed in the Applicant’s scope of registration on the national register; and/or
      2. are specified on the national register as units which form part of one or more Courses on the Applicant’s scope of registration on the national register.
  4. Applicants may progressively build and save their Application Form in the web environment however, once an Application Form has been submitted it cannot be accessed by the Applicant. Applicants are advised to carefully check all data entered into their Application Form and review it for accuracy and completeness before submission.

5. Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria

  1. An Applicant must hold a Head Agreement with an active ATSA or an active Skills for All contract with the Minister.
  2. Applications will be evaluated against a range of criteria which may include whether an Applicant can demonstrate that:
    1. it has an engagement with industry commensurate with the qualifications to be offered;
    2. it caters for student diversity in the delivery of its training;
    3. it has appropriate numbers of graduates from each Training Package for which its application applies;
    4. it can prove appropriate satisfaction levels of its graduates and their employers with training received from the Applicant;
    5. its trainers and assessors have relevant and adequate vocational competence and formal qualifications in training and assessment.

6. Applicant Consent & Authorisation

  1. As a condition of submitting an Application Form the Applicant agrees and grants its consent for:
    1. the Minister and any regulator who may have oversight of the operations and registration of the Applicant to exchange any information;
    2. the Minister to disclose information to any other parties for the purpose of verification of the information provided by the Applicant (which includes but is not limited to contacting any student or former students);
  2. As a condition of submitting an Application Form the Applicant agrees and authorises the Minister to seek information from any person, agency (whether State, Territory or the Commonwealth) to verify the bona fides, experience and status (both financial and operational) of the Applicant.
  3. If the Minister considers it necessary to have the consent and/or authorisation from the Applicant separately in writing, the Applicant must take all steps and execute all documents necessary to provide such consent and/or authorisation.

7. Application Process

  1. Applications will be assessed on behalf of the Minister by DSD.
  2. The Minister reserves the right to:
    1. refuse to consider an incomplete application to add or remove a Course or Skill Set;
    2. not approve the Application for any reason whatsoever;
    3. seek the advice of any person to assist in the assessment or review of any application;
    4. seek further information from the Applicant and to contact other persons or organisations including those identified in the Application for verification purposes; and
    5. provide information about the Applicant and its Application to any regulator

8. Outcome of Application

  1. The Minister will notify each Applicant in writing of the outcome of its Application.
  2. The Minister may approve the Application on terms and conditions which are acceptable to the Minister.
  3. Applicants whose Application is not accepted will be notified in writing with a summary of the issues that led to the decision.

The decision to approve an Application is at the Minister’s sole discretion.

9. Submitting further Applications if an Application to add or remove a Course of Skill Set is not successful

  1. Where an Applicant has submitted an Application that was not accepted by the Minister, it may not submit a further application until the expiration of the time specified by the Minister (in their absolute discretion) in the written notification of issues that led to that decision.
  2. Any Application Form submitted in contravention of this section may not be considered by the Minister.

10. Ministers Requirements

The Minister requires that Applicants will, in making an Application:

  1. declare any actual or potential conflict of interest;
  2. not seek to employ or engage the services of any person who has a duty to the Minister as an adviser, consultant or employee (or former adviser, consultant or employee) in relation to this process;
  3. not offer any incentive to, or otherwise attempt to influence, any employee of the Minister involved in the assessment of applications at any time;
  4. not make or publish any media releases or respond to media enquiries pertaining to this application process without the prior written approval of the Minister;
  5. have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the courses in its Application; and
  6. have fully informed itself of all facts and conditions relating to this Application process and the requirements of being a WorkReady training provider.

11. Cost of Application

If an Applicant becomes aware that the Application Form it has submitted contains:

12. Correction & Update of Application

If an Applicant becomes aware that the Application Form it has submitted contains:

  1. errors or omissions; and/or
  2. circumstances have changed such that the Application Form is no longer correct,

the duly authorised representative of the Applicant (commonly the person who signed the declaration submitted with the Application) must immediately advise DSD in writing (refer section 3 above for contact information) providing details of the errors and/or omissions:

The information provided by the Applicant will be considered and the Applicant will be informed as to whether it will be required to submit a new Application Form.